The Bright Spot Community is forming!

Around the same time that FeelWrite was born, I began to dream of an online community where folks could exchange ideas, inspiration, and encouragement—in a safe environment—with room to grow.


I chose the name because I wanted something that would express the joy and “lift” that I hoped this virtual time together would bring to the lives of those touched by it. That it would be something to look forward to—a “bright spot” in the week, so to speak.


But slightly more literal, a place where brilliance happens.


Everyone has brilliance inside of them, if for no other reason than the strength of our uniqueness alone. When we make a conscious choice to combine our light, or help another see their brilliance—amazing things begin to happen.

I believe that by engaging in communities, each of us becomes a stronger individual—which in turn flows back to benefit the collective.


I can’t wait to unleash, unlock, and share our brilliance together.


Bright Spot will be hosted online, via Facebook (don’t worry, the page is secret!)


The next set of program dates will be announced soon. For 8 weeks, we will write, grow, encourage, and journey together. By lighting our own paths, we shall illumine the hearts of others. Because like my favourite quote says: " A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle." ~ James Keller

Ready to discover, explore, and create?