“Jen’s joy for words is so infectious – you just can’t help but feel inspired in response to her always gentle and compassionate, yet often hysterically funny guidance! I know that when it’s finally written, my memoir will bear a huge debt of gratitude, a dedication, and of course a haiku to her, for planting that seed and for helping me to find my joy!

The impact of her love and kindness have also spread to aspects of my life which are not directly related to my passion for writing. I guess that’s Jen’s magic — is being the change we wish to see, and in doing so uplifting those lucky enough to know her to similar heights.” ~Dr Kulvinder Kaur


“Jen is an amazing and talented writer who sees the beauty in life and the beauty in love. Her writing inspires and uplifts, and she has a true gift with words. Her desire to bring beauty to the world is uplifting.” ~Lindsay Carricarte-Jones


"Beginner writers thrive when they feel like their thoughts are worth something and worth exploring. In the short four months that I have worked with Jen, she has been one of the most accepting and encouraging people I have ever met! She is committed to community and creativity. Jen makes your soul feel safe enough to peek out of it’s shell and say hello. She knew exactly what us newbie writers needed to be brave—acceptance. If you get a chance to interact with this lovely human being, take it now! She is a gem; a bright and valuable friend." ~Katila Whiteman



"Jen has this sparkly unicorn magic that brings out the best in anyone. Trust me – if she can do it for me, she will do it for you. It was an honour and a privilege to have her as my TA during my Apprenticeship with Elephant Journal. She shines light where you didn’t even think it was needed. Jen is supportive, patient and a natural cheerleader. She is kind, caring and considerate. Her heart of gold is one you will be grateful to have connected with." ~Michelle Jung